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am 26. April 2010 in #hallo Name #Musik

Der Brightoner Liedermacher Fin Greenall alias Fink hat mit „Sort of Revolution“ für mich eines der Alben des Jahres 2009 gemacht. Dass er mir nun einige Fragen beantwortete, macht mich unglaublich stolz. Nothing is ever finished.

Your Business .

I’m Fink — I’m a Singer, Songwriter and Producer and Radio DJ. Right now I’m in my apartment in Paris on the balcony, doing my e mail biz and listening to stuff for my radio show while trying to resist the pastries…

Inspiration / Motivation.

Mostly my inspiration comes from inside myself, and from other artists in fashion, art, music — my band (Tim and Guy). I mean, every year in Music is kinda like in Football: You never know what’s going to happen, which records will, by the end of the year, be in their with your favorites of all time. Maybe the best record you’ve ever heard ever will be released next week. That’s constantly interesting to me y’know. Motivation comes in many forms – anger, envy, money, daylight — mainly envy…..

Daily Routine.

Haven’t got one. I wish I had. Most weeks I’m in 2 or 3 different countries. It is very rare for me to be at home long enough to build a routine. My favorite routine when possible is the sunday „day of breakfasts“, where I torrent Match Of The Day from the night before — and basically eat breakfast for every meal. Around the world in several breakfasts.


Well, we finished touring last week after a year on the road. So we’re straight chilling and writing the demos for the new Fink album. I’m working with a few singers and producing a few bits and pieces, and chilling, and building routines !! –

3 Albums.

Ben Howard – These Waters / Anyone who has seen him live will agree, this kid is the next level. Only available at his gigs. He’s in Germany in may I think on tour…. (Anm.: Ja, ist er, laut seiner Dates auf Myspace)

Portishead – Third / It really inspires me when amazing bands don’t just put out any old shit, because people want them to. Ten years in the making yet it sounds like it took a few weeks to throw together. This is their most challenging and officially, in my book, puts them in „genius“ category. They are so much more than „Dummy“. Hope we don’t have to wait another 10 years for the next one…

The XX – XX / Like… you either get it or you don’t — and that’s cool. Fink is split on it, but 2 of us think it’s outstanding, clever, original, beautifully produced minimaximal brilliance. So what if we’re not 15, we love it and get it and good luck to ‚em. VCR is amazing. It’s like listening to like „fun“ – but the kind of emotional „non-fun“ that goths indugle in… in a good way.

(Photo: Anja Häring)

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